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Mmmmhhh... Mmmmhhh... what's that wonderful wafting smell of food? Hot desserts or seasoning with herbs from the garden? You can expect good hearty food that is subtly flavoured.

Our head chef Ludwig Schmid recommends a classic dish

4 eggs | 250ml milk | 125g flour | 40g icing sugar | 1 small pinch of salt | butter | sugar

- Separate the eggs
- Sieve the flour
- Mix the flour, milk, egg yolk, icing sugar and salt to a smooth batter
- Whisk the egg white until stiff and carefully add it to the batter
- Preheat the oven to 200°
- Heat an oven-proof pan
- Add about 1 dessert spoon of clarified butter and cook the batter from the underside until golden yellow
- Place the pan in the oven and finish baking the golden yellow mixture
- Break the Kaiserschmarrn into pieces
- Heat a generous amount of butter in a pan, add the sugar and let it caramelise
- Add flaked almonds and raisins marinated in rum as desired
- Add the chunks of Kaiserschmarrn and mix well
- Serve on a plate and dust with icing sugar

And here is the recommendation from our sous chef, Bernhard Krist


about 1 kg shoulder of beef | 100 g carrots, leek, celeriac, parsley root | 2 dessert spoons of tomato purée | thyme, bay leaves, juniper berries, pimento, red wine, balsamic vinegar, apple purée | apple | meat or vegetable stock

- Season the beef and brown on all sides
- Add the finely chopped root vegetables and fry together
- Add the tomato purée
- Douse with red wine, top up with stock and add the herbs & spices
- Gently braise in the oven at about 150°
- Remove the joint, pass the sauce through a sieve and season to taste
- Season with apple puree and balsamic vinegar and add the diced apple

Serve with fresh seasonal vegetables and spaetzle or Schupfnudeln(finger-shaped potato dumplings) – Guten Appetit!