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A place to meet and celebrate the moment. Here's to laughter, the small and somewhat larger things we enjoy and as Ernest Hemingway said: "“There is nothing else than now. There is neither yesterday, certainly, nor is there any tomorrow."

Who is this JOSEF then?

JOSEF GIN is in homage to Josef Lantenhammer, the founder of the Bavarian distillery Lantenhammer. He first distilled a "juniper spirit" for his mining comrades in the mining town of Hausham in 1928. It was highly valued for its ethereal effect. There, two generations later, the distillers from Lantenhammer create the latest types of gin, inspired by Josef Lantenhammer's old recipes. The miners would have very much enjoyed it today.

3 basic rules for mixing gin & tonic

The basic rules for mixing gin & tonic: the aromas should compliment each other harmoniously and not be superimposed. That is why you should always choose a tonic water that supports the main aroma of the gin and doesn't kill it. Because tonic water should never play the leading role in gin & tonic, but be a suitable accompaniment. That is why it is better to taste the gin and tonic separately first, to find out if they go together.