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Nature heals. Nature earths. Nature gives.
Relaxing, energising, balancing, rejuvenating.

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury - A family-run company from Lake Starnberg

Unique natural cosmetics. Exclusive treatments, Lebensgesundmittel & superfoods - Nature that works.
Fascinated by the beauty and power of nature: unique natural cosmetics made from the world’s most precious healing and rejuvenative plants and 100% Aloe vera organic juice instead of water – the ultimate care for your skin. Potent Lebensgesundmittel will supply you with the entire spectrum of healthy, natural nutrients, for vitality and radiant beauty from the inside.
Exceptional treatments with fresh Aloe vera leaves will lovingly put you back in touch with yourself. The certified natural cosmetic products are naturally free from mineral oil, parabens and PEGs.

Pharmos Natur Green Luxury


Sustainability, innovation, expertise, trust – KLOTZ LABS Kosmetika: developed by doctors, manufactured in accordance with the highest environmental, ethical  and pharmaceutical quality standards. High-tech natural cosmetics with hyaluronan as a core ingredient, which counteract the signs of premature ageing of the skin with modern, effective technology, making them the best that cosmetic research has to offer. But still completely free of any substances and production processes harmful to the environment. The products are manufactured under very stringent quality controls at the KLOZT LABS research and manufacturing laboratory in Munich.
This means that, true to the natural cosmetic tradition, all raw materials used for KLOTZ LABS own cosmetic lines are from sustainable cultivation methods, without the use of any animal products whatsoever. Production is also as CO2 neutral as possible – not just on paper, but also in practice.

Klotz Labs Kosmetikmanufaktur