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Facial Treatments

The sensitive skin on the face has to continually defend itself from a variety of every-day factors. At night, it recovers from the hard days work and rejuvenates. The skin on your face can get support from various care products and treatments that our team of beauticians offers here in-house.

Facial Treatments

Facial Treatment "Basic"

  • 60 min78.00 €
  • Careful cleansing of the face, neck and décolletage
  • Mild scrub to gently remove dead skin tissue
  • Deep cleansing, eyebrow correction on request
  • Highly-effective herbal pack
  • Individual day skincare

Chakra Treatment

  • 60 min69.00 €

New strength for the energy system - a facial massage with 16 points

Short Facial Massage

  • 30 min39.00 €

including rest phase