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Nordic Walking & Jogging


Fischen is a paradise for runners. Amateur athletes and active holidaymakers have a large and varied range of routes to choose from. There are 7 Nordic walking tours, 6 jogging trails and 9 trail running routes to discover in the Fischen area.

Possible daily - always open

There are a variety of running trails at three different altitudes. Running in the mountains means a steady mixture of both challenges and great views - some runs are first and foremost beautiful, others perhaps somewhat harder and many are both at the same time. How does it feel? Sweat is running under your cap, your pulse is racing, the calf muscles are burning, thighs shaking and the ground crunching beneath the soles of your feet. Your weaker side says "Give up".... "Pah...! Who can overtake me then!" counters your internal sports coach. Whether you are running or walking in the region, just get out and admire things, grab your running shoes, sun glasses and baseball cap - we wish you wonderful running adventures.

Running Trails in the Region

Nordic Walking in the Hörnerdörfer Villages

The Nordic Walking Park in the Hörnerdörfer villages brings together a good 110 kilometres of Nordic walking trails. The network of routes, which are at altitudes of 761 metres to 1,650 metres, includes routes of different lengths and various levels of difficulty, depending on your individual fitness. As the name implies, Nordic walking comes from Scandinavia. Nordic professional cross-country skiers used it to keep fit in summer and this method of training was soon taken up in Germany too, where one in five people have now got the bug.

Nordic Walking Park