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Alpine Mountain Tours

High-Altitude Hikes

Today leisurely through lush green Alpine pastures, tomorrow along steep grass slopes covered in flowers or daringly over rocky paths secured with steel rope. Protected species such as chamois, ibex, golden eagles & marmots find ideal habitats in many places up here.

Crossing the Alps on Foot

Definitely both a challenge and adventure! Surrounded by a mountain landscape that is sometimes charming, often imposing, fantastic in many places, but also awe inspiring - this tour is a special highlight of the Alps.
Flower meadows typical of the Allgäu Alps and steep grassy mountain slopes, breath-taking views of distinctive rock formations in the Lechtal Alps, the impressive glaciers and mighty mountain peaks of the central Alps, and the Mediterranean climate already found in Merano, make this tour an unforgettable experience.

The E5 Long-Distance Footpath

Similaunhütte on Niederjoch, situated at an altitude of 3,109 metres, is the highest point of the Alpine crossing. Being the place where 'Ötzi' was found makes Niederjoch another highlight of an Alpine crossing. A personal highlight for the thighs is Zammer Loch with a descent of about 1,800 metres! From the Braunschwieger Hütte is the original Alpine stage of the E5 long-distance footpath via the Passeiertal valley to Bolzano. The cumulative climb each day is on average between 800 and 1,200 metres, covering a distance of 10 to 20 kilometres.