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Hotel Rosenstock

A Hotel for Adults in Allgäu

Arrive, take a deep breath and start your holiday, in body and soul. Known for its healthy climate, the spa town of Fischen lies in the wonderful countryside of Oberallgäu. The majestic church tower marks the town and its houses, nestling lovingly in the surrounding countryside. Our location "right in the middle" means that you can reach the town centre on foot in 5 minutes, the Iller Dam in 10 minutes and a few minutes later you are walking in the direction of Gaisaple. If you have more time and physical energy for the climb, you could soon be standing at the top of the Rubihorn mountain too.

"Reserved for committed holiday lovers"
Eat, sleep, savour the Allgäu countryside in all its facets, relax and daydream in the WaterLounge, the repeat button.
At Rosenstock you have time - whether it be for a leisurely breakfast or an afternoon cup of tea. The atmosphere is peaceful. Perhaps you will succumb to the meditative charm of softly falling snowflakes, or smile as the sun-kissed land touches your heart.

Our Focus - A Hotel for Adults

At Hotel Rosenstock grown-ups are simply allowed to be among themselves. Our hospitality is focussed on the wishes and needs of adults and young people 15 years or older. Because we know that for many of our guests, a holiday can only be effective where deep relaxation, comfort and tranquillity are on offer.
We love children - after all, we are parents ourselves. That is why we know just how good it can be to travel without them sometimes. Doing nothing but savouring the moment in all serenity.

A Holiday Destination for Adults, Singles, ...

But being a holiday destination for adults does not mean a hotel just for couples. People travelling alone and good friends are also in excellent hands at the Rosenstock, as long as they are looking for a very personal holiday experience.
A holiday for adults is about enjoying everything to the full and having it to yourselves - doing yourself a lot of good.

Your hosts
Anja and Stefan Karg

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